Anti-aging color treatment with
Goji extract, low ammonia content.

Anti-aging color treatment with low ammonia content, ensures perfect color penetration even in less receptive hair. Formulated with Goji Extract, Chamomile and Quaternized Keratin.

Bleach, color and reconstruct
with a single treatment.

Eye_Candy is the new bleaching butter with low ammonia content, that guarantees high lightening results without attacking or damaging the hair structure. Agents composing this formula perform a reconstructive, conditioning and polishing action, strengthening the fiber and restructuring each cell, with a delicate and protective action also on the skin.

Explore the endless possibilities
of styling

The most innovative technologies serving natural ingredients, to create volume, definition and support and ensure a real beauty treatment even in the styling phase.

Beauty treatments
for your hair care routine

Professional products to take care daily of all hair and scalp types. Natural formulations, based on organic ingredients, to nourish, hydrate, strengthen and protect your hair from stress and pollution, respecting the environment.

Treatment based on essential oils to oxygenate, stimulate and reactivate
the hair bulb

Pure essences from flowers and plants and a meticulous selection of Essential Oils ensure the safety of an adjuvant system against hair loss.

Wellness and protection
for body and hair

The multi functionality and speed of use are the key to success of the Miracle line, dedicated to body and hair wellness, to repair, protect and hydrate.