A unique formula with Collagen, Sodium PCA, Amino Acid Blend, Keratin, Arginine and Sea Algae that acts in the hair fibers at the moment of bleaching or coloring, reducing the impact of oxidation without compromising the bleaching result, preserves the strength and integrity of hair, preventing breakage and leaving hair strong, shiny and well-nourished.


It is formulated with an Amino Acid Blend, Açaí Extract and Bio Restore, that treats the most damaged hair structures instantly, reducing porosity and increasing strength.


It was developed for damaged and wild hair, elaborated with an exclusive Fiber Protein – a complex of oils and proteins with an intensive repair technology that replaces the amino acids and nutrients of the hair. It reduces the hair volume, eliminates the frizz and leaves the hair extremely soft.


Vegan line totally free of formaldehyde and substances of animal origin. Formulated with natural and organic ingredients such as Coffee Extract, Essential Oils and Proteins. They act on the hair by aligning the hair fibers and nourishing them deeply.


Brazilian Keratin – KeraPrime formaldehyde-free disciplining hair treatment is the only one in the market with Cast Guard System and PrimeUnit Complex, which are high-technology active ingredients that were carefully researched and developed to repair damaged hair and realign the hair fiber as you desire.


Brazilian Keratin Keraprime Solution – The best way to control unmanageable hair and reduce volume. Its formula is formaldehyde-free and delivers smooth result for all types of hair, as it is comprised by an Amino-acid blend, such as: Latic Acid and Lactobionic Acid, which leave strands smooth, repair hair cuticles and maintain hair cortex intact, besides preventing breakage and leaving hair extremely shiny.


Line of treatment based on keratin and a complex of assets developed to recover the capillary health. Intense, replenishes lost proteins in chemical processes, restores damaged hair fiber leaving hair extremely strong and healthy.